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Topics Covered:

1- A Path to Optimal Productivity and Good Health:

A- Physical Signs that your Health is out of Balance and how it affects your energy and workdays.

B-What in your body suffers the most in the process of adaptation and how Lifestyle change help the recovering process?


2- Improve Your Vitality and Your Mood:

A- Are You Tired of Always Being Tired? Adrenal Fatigue Symptom’s :( Easily irritated, Low energy, Lower back pain. )

B- Energy management: Secret signs that your body is under stress.

C- Learn how health habits affect stress, the relationship between diet and brain function..

D- Brain food to improve concentration productivity level.


3- Emotional Health Assessments

A- How is your emotion affecting your health, creativity and productivity? (Personal stress management)

B- Overcome your Anger during difficult situations: Relaxation techniques and stretching exercises: learn fast tools to shift from a stressful situation, and how to achieve wellbeing and happiness in the work place. 

C- Listen to your body and learn how to use stress for your benefits

D- Increasing Self-Awareness and understand how to align your emotional body, blocking believes and de-create a positive one that helps achieve aims