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THE BYTD “Bring Yoga to your desk” COACHING PROGRAM - By Joumana Mansour

BYTD “Bring Yoga to your desk” is a Very Beneficial Stress

Management Seminar that helps reveal the Unhealthy Patterns

Affecting the Quality of Life.

Upon completion of the 2 hours Program “Bring Yoga to Your Desk"

Attendees will Be Able to Identify:

• Physical and Mental Effects of Stress

• Long Term Effect of Stress on the Body Based of Scientifically Studies

• Stressful Situations

• How To Deal With Stressful Situations On a Mental Level

• How to Deal and Minimize Stress on a Psychological Level

• How to Deal with Stress On a Practical, Physical Level

• Self Behavioral Awareness

• Easy Proven Tools to Deal With Everyday Stress

• Role of Yoga in Reducing Stress Levels Based On Studies

• Physiological Psychological, and Biochemical Benefits of Yoga

• Practicing Chair Yoga Poses Done at "Your Desk"

• Meditation Techniques that Help with Stress Reduction, Scientifically


• Importance of The “Right Breath”

• Easy Breathing Techniques to Control Negative Emotions