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THE KNOCK KNOCK Coaching Program


1.     The Best Listening practices Ever

                         ·        What are listening bad signs

                         ·        How to become a good listening in few steps

                         ·        Percussions of bad listening


2.     The Best 7 steps in dealing with any crisis, Ever

     ·        Calmness

     ·        Confront

     ·        Dominate

     ·        Cut your losses

    ·        “NOW WHAT” attitude

      ·        Beat the news home

      ·        Tap your Super Conscious


3.     The best 7 steps in forming good habits, Ever

·        Discipline of Clear thinking

·        Discipline of Daily goal setting

·        Discipline of Time Management

·        Discipline of Courage

·        Discipline of Good health habits

·        Discipline of Regular savings

·        Discipline of Self Improvement