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1.     The Seven Pillars of City Success

·        This part talk about the main areas of weaknesses in strengths in our daily lives

·        We highlight the importance of the seven parts that 97% of people neglect

2.     The Laws of Mental Mastery

·        5 human Laws that dates 4000 years will be elaborated

·        The Law of Control

·        The Law of Cause & effect

·        The law of Expectations

·        The law of Attraction

·        The law of Belief

·        Not knowing these laws, will make them de facto work against us!

3.     The Sources and the Reducers of Stress

·        What are the 9 sources of Stress

·        How to minimize them

·        How to set goals

4.     Taking control of Mental Lives

·        Many techniques will be dealt with in this part, especially avoiding “Toxic Friendships”

·        And Feeding our minds with the ‘Right’ stuff


5.     The 7 major Causes of  daily Negativity

6.     The 12 causes of Positivity

7.     How to Master Relationships through the famous 5 A’S formula that was created 70 years ago

8.     Fighting Energy Sappers and Clutter control

·        What are the major Energy Sappers (things that suck out our 4 energies)

·        Clutter (Wydner is the only specialized firm in this area, which is dealing with chaos and too much stuff in car-office-house)