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Strategic Marketing Outlines:

  1. Assess the current situation:
  • Determine what resources you have available.
  • Analyze and summarize your market space(s).
  • Analyze your company’s internal strengths and weaknesses.
  • Analyze external opportunities and threats.
  • Assess the competition and competitive environment.
  • Assess the macro environment (social, economic, political, and technological opportunities and challenges).

         2.Develop your marketing strategy:

  • Your business mission and vision
  • Your business objectives
  • Your marketing objectives
  • A description of your target market and customers
  • Your unique positioning statement
  • Your unique value proposition

         3.Craft your marketing program, by outlining:

  • Your product messaging
  • Your pricing strategy
  • The channels you will communicate across
  • Your promotion plans

         4.Determine your controls, benchmarks, and measurement processes:

  • Budgets and resources
  • Critical success factors
  • Key performance indicators
  • Your preferred technology solutions and platforms
  1. CSR and customer value:

·         What are CSR initiatives?

·         In what way does CSR strategy make us more attractive to customers than competitors?