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Who's Behind It

Who's Behind It
Samir Elias Zehil is the founder of Wydner Coaches & Associates.
Samir is specialized in Strategic Sales from Harvard University.
He also holds a degree in Chartered Accountancy (nothing to do with what he is doing now) as well as an MBA from the University of Lyon 3- Jean Moulin - France.
He worked 7 years in pure Sales in a prominent Lebanese distribution company (FMCG) selling products from the tiniest convenience store to the biggest wholesaler. He then switched to selling services working in the Lebanese Parliament for two years promoting websites to Lebanese MPs.
Upon his return from Harvard, Samir quickly began delivering Sales seminars to all kinds and sizes of companies.

he has addressed live more than 102 000 people live, 1771 firms and delivers 277 talks a year.

In 2002, Samir was the first person to introduce Coaching to Lebanon and its neighboring countries.
Samir coaches everyday upper-managers, CEOs, politicians and employees of big companies in Lebanon and the Gulf area as well.
Samir is an upbeat, dynamic and entertaining speaker with a talented ability to coach and inspire audiences.
to achieve more in terms of sales and personal growth.
Samir lives in beautiful Beirut, is married to a wonderful supportive wife, and has three adorable kids.